The Yuseiji, HBS Head Temple

 The HBS head temple, Yuseiji, is the oldest temple belonging to Nichiren Tradition in Kansai area. Formerly it was named Seiryu Zushi Honmonji Temple and erected by Nichiben Shonin who was a direct disciple of Nichiren Shonin in 1308. It was almost destroyed with age by the time of Nissen Shonin who borrowed it and restored it for his schooling and named it Butsuryu Shugaku-jo in 1869, still under the supervision of a sect called Honmon Hokke Shu. 

   Eventually Honmon Butsuryu Shu propagated widely and bloomed to prosperity. Majestic and splendid architecture of the present Main Hall was built later on in 1931 by the diciples and lay followers of Nissen Shonin. In the aftermath of World War II, Honmon Butsuryu Shu separated and became independent from Honmon Hokke Shu sect and the Head Temple Yuseiji was commissioned as the central cathedral-temple of HBS. All of HBS followers throughout the world venerate Yuseiji as the central location of our faith & practice.

    It is noteworthy that the Gosonzo, the sacred Statue of Nichiren Shonin, enshrined at the Yuseiji is one *consecrated by Nichiren Shonin himself. It was one of three legendary Gosonzos carved out of a single piece of wood by his disciple, Nippo Shonin, during the lifetime of Nichiren Shonin. The recent scientific examination proves that it is the oldest Gosonzo carved during the Kamakura period, found in all the temples of Nichiren Tradition.  It has been declared a National treasure cosidering the cultural importantance and heritage. Nissen Shonin was very pleased when this legendary Nichiren statue appeared from the ruins of seemingly destroyed temple that he acquired, and dedicated his time to offer venerations after re-enshrining it with respect. It has been our pride and joy at HBS that we can pay homage to Great Bodhisattva Nichiren with reverence to the unique Gozonso.