. Nichiryu Shonin, The Great Bodhisattva (Forefather of the Tradition)

  Nichiryu Shonin was born to a noble samurai family of Toyama Prefecture, Japan, in Muromachi period, in the year 1385. Legend has it that spring water came out of the garden on his birthday as exactly similar to Nichiren Shonin’s birth.
   During the war of Nanbokucho period, he entered the Buddhist priesthood at the age of 12.  As he was a *gifted child, he went to Kyoto, the Imperial capital, at the age14 and learned and practiced Buddhism earnestly. In no time, he excelled in awoking the essence of the Nichiren Shonin’s Teachings on the Odaimoku entrusted to Bodhisattva Jogyo during the primordial eight chapters of the Lotus Sutra.
                                   *a gifted child: a child with an extremely high natural ability

   Nearly after a century from the passing away of 
Great Bodhisattva NichirenNichiryu Shonin made an immense service to Buddhism by correcting the false ideologies in Nichiren School including Hokke Shu sect and getting them back in the right track. He *erected 14 temples spreading through Kinki region to Hokuriku and Okayama areas, including Honnoji Temple famous as Lord Nobunaga Oda died in. Those temples were the results of propgating the Odaimoku  (of Bodhisattva Jogyo) to people with manifest evident benefits.                                                         
*erected: building 
Nichiryu Shonin like Great Bodhisattva Nichiren spent his whole lifetime for the true Teachings of Buddha in the primordial Eight Chapters of the Lotus Sutrachanting the Odaimoku, and recommending others to chant. In his late years, he served in Honkoji Temple in Amagasaki and devoted himself to write a number of articles both to keep the true Teachings of Nichiren Shonin in the future and to train his disciples, and passed away at age 81.                                                             
   We respectfully call 
Nichiryu Shonin “Renshigoshin” as the reincarnation or rebirth of Nichiren Shonin. The reasons are as follows: 
Nichiren Shonin passed away on October 13, and 100 years later 
Nichiryu Shonin was born on October 14, (1385)
   - The spring water came out of the garden on his birthday
   - His lifetime was during the turbulent period of “Gekokujo.” 
And most of all, the 
Teachings that Nichiryu Shonin spread was exactly the same as Nichiren Shonindid.

Nichiren Shonin’s Teachings have still now continued on the right track without any interruption because of Great Bodhisattva Nichiryu’s achievement.