For the Biginners

Our Greeting – Arigato Gozaimasu

HBS members have a custom to greet each other by saying “Arigato Gozaimasu” whenever they meet. This might sound confusing to some since the term “Arigato Gozaimasu” is commonly translated into English as “Thank You”. So why do HBS members say “thank you” as a greeting when they meet. However we should notice that the word “Arigato” has a deeper meaning which depicts the idea of “the existence is rare”. Rare things are precious. So, it means that we rejoice at something that is extremely rare, hence immensely precious. 

Nichiren Shonin stated;
One might have fallen to births as many as dust particles of this planet, in three evil realms (Hell, Realm of Hungry Spirits, Animals) due to self-conducted evil Karma. Whereas being born a human being is as rare as grains of sand retained on the tip of a nail. To encounter the true teachings of the Buddha in that lifetime granted as a human being is ever rare than the grains of sand retained in nail tips.

This quote teaches us how rare it is to being born as a human being and yet to encounter the faithful practice of the Odaimoku in this life.

It is revealed through the teachings of primordial eight chapters, that in the remotest past where the Primordial Buddha attaining the enlightenment, rejoice by feeling “grateful” for being able to believe in his heart the meritorious power of the Odaimoku and recite it. 

It is taught that if we pursue the same path, endeavoring to perfect the same practice, we shall attain the bliss of enlightenment. Therefore we shall always make sure to “Rejoice at Heart” whenever we recite, and whenever we lead others to recite Odaimoku to express our gratitude. Graceful feeling for encountering such a precious faith & practice is always expressed naturally from HBS practitioners with the greeting “Arigato Goazimasu”.