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“Okyomu-san” – Monks of HBS

Ordained Priests are referred to as “Kyomu” and even sometimes as “Koshi” in HBS. Lay followers usually address them with reverence as “Okyomu-san” or “Okoshi”.  

HBS founder Nissen Shonin. The founder of HBS conducted the inaugural congregation of Honmon Butsuryu Shu which was called an “Oko” session / gathering in a household of a follower. The character “Ko” depicts the meaning “Gathering of a Buddhist faithfuls to understand the doctrines”. In other words, an “Oko” session conducted in a household of a follower is the Place to comprehend the faithful practice of Odaimoku from Primordial Buddha which was transmitted to us through Nichiren Shonin. An “Oko” session in HBS is not merely a ritualistic congregation which can be commonly found in today’s world, but truly a gracious gathering of true faith & practice.

Hence our priests are addressed as Kyomu, Koshi with the meaning of “those who teach what the faith is” or else “one who teaches at an Oko congregation”. Okyomu-san of HBS are disciples of Buddha and disciples of Nichiren whose mission is to interpret “what is the true faith in Odaimoku” and to deliver them to the daily lives of not just HBS followers but of human beings throughout the world. Thus is respected and venerated by the followers for their sincere efforts in this course. 

So, what exactly do Okyomu-san preach to the followers as guidance?
Their sermon style is called “Gohomon”, that they preach usually in every congregation held in Temples or at the household of a follower. 
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