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What happens when you recite Namu Myoho Renge Kyo?

A follower who speaks her experiences of practice at a HBS religious session.

Let’s find out what actually happens when we chant “Namu Myoho Renge Kyo, as revealed in the Primordial Eight chapters of the Lotus Sutra and entrusted to Bodhisattva Jogyo, which sows the primordial seed of Buddhahood” with our voice. We accumulate “Merits” as a result of this recitation practice. It was taught that, there are 2 ways “Merits” impact on us. First, “the elimination of our evil karma” or in other words getting us rid of the effects of our own evil perpetrations. Then “invoking of goodness” in ourselves. 

“Evil or Bad Karma” could be recognized as the energy that attracts negative effects to us such as sufferings, unhappiness & difficulties. Whenever we perpetrate an evil deed, we accumulate such evil karma, deep within our consciousness that would result in negative energy which shall cause us to encounter a similar or maybe even a worse scenario in future. Assaulting someone physically, Speaking ill of someone, and even to hate for someone just in your thoughts are such evil deeds that results piling up of evil karma. These evil karmas shall remain in your consciousness even after your death and shall cause you sufferings in your reincarnations. Sometimes people tend to ask “why such bad things happen to me when I haven’t done anything wrong?” An answer for them is that they encounter evil fates or sufferings due the effects of the evil karma from past lives. 

“Merits” on the other hand are “Good Karma” that eradicate our evil karma and their effects such as sufferings. Another effect of Merits / Good Karma is invoking the goodness in ourselves which is an energy that attracts us joy through manifestation of tangible “Benefits” in our lives. These meritorious benefits can be categorized into two as, “Benefits manifest in this life itself” and “Benefits manifest in next lives”. In short, you shall gradually accumulate merits when you practice the recitation of Namu Myoho Renge Kyo that shall result you a joyous journey through this life whilst paving your way to the greater benefit of enlightenment throughout your journey in next lives.

Benefits that we encounter in the present itself is specifically known as “Manifest evident benefits or visible evidence”. They will motivate us and act as catalysts to nurture our practice, improving grateful feeling towards the faith on Namu Myoho Renge Kyo with manifest evidences. 

There are lot of such cases in HBS where practitioners have encountered benefits through their practices such as, improvements of human relationships, family bonds, better mental & physical health, recovery from illnesses, and success in professional, academic careers. These benefits are nothing but the manifested merits of practicing the true teachings of Primordial Buddha.
Our voice meditation (recitation) is such a simple practice with great beneficial outcomes, yet the doctrine behind it is utterly deep. Priests at HBS, commonly known as “Okyomu-san”, always guide the practitioners by nurturing them with a simpler yet a practical approach to the said deep doctrine so that the practitioners shall encounter greater benefits of the fine Dharma in their daily life.  
We will discuss about the Priest of HBS in our next article.