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Primordial Eight Chapters

In the primordial part of Lotus Sutra, eight chapters starting from Chapter 15 (Emergence of Bodhisattvas sprang from Earth) to Chapter 22 (Transmission) are known as the ‘Primordial Eight Chapters’. 
We give an emphasis to the teachings preached in these primordial eight chapters in HBS doctrines since it 
reveals the correct object of worship (Gohonzon) and the correct practice of faith for the beings of this latter day of the Dharma (Mappo era). 

We encounter the emergence of a great Bodhisattva called Jogyo (Vishishta charithra) who is the leader of Bodhisattvas sprang from Earth, in the 15th Chapter. 
This multitude of Bodhisattvas are introduced as sacred disciple entity of the Primordial Buddha from the remotest past (Ku-on) whilst, 
Jogyo Bodhisattva is revealed to be the one who is destined to propagate the fine Dharma during the Mappo era. 
Moving on to the 16th Chapter (Life span of the Thathagatha) Lord Buddha’s (Thathagatha) primordial form is revealed as he declares himself the Buddha who 
perfected his Bodhisattva practices (genuine cause of Buddhahood) and attained Enlightenment in the Ku-on. 
The Bliss of that Enlightenment is embedded in the Namu Myoho Renge Kyo (Odaimoku) which we chant. 

Further in the consecutive 17th (Variety of Merits), 18th (Merits of Rejoicing) & 19th (Merits of the Teacher of Dharma) chapters it is preached that 
how we should engage in Bodhisattva practices with “Joy” in the Mappo era upholding the faith on the teachings of Primordial Buddha and the various merits of such practices. 

Continuing to the next chapter (20th , Never-Disparaging Bodhisattva) we come across a role model of a Bodhisattva for the practitioners of the Lotus Sutra in Mappo era to follow.  

Finally in the 21st (Supernatural Powers of Buddha) & 22nd (Transmission) chapters, 
Lord Buddha entrust mission of propagating the Dharma of enlightenment during the Mappo era to Bodhisattvas of Earth led by Jogyo Bodhisattva upon bestowing them 
with the bliss of ultimate enlightenment, later revealed to be the Odaimoku in Mappo era. 

‘Bodhisattvas of Earth’ led by Jogyo Bodhisattva are solely chosen to and entrusted with the mission to propagate the Dharma of Enlightenment in the Mappo that occur after Buddha’s extinction. 
They have neither appeared nor even been mentioned in any other ‘prior teachings’ except in the Lotus Sutra. Their appearance is limited exactly to the Primordial eight chapters even inside the Sutra. 
Thus we give an utmost importance to the Primordial eight chapters as the teachings prescribed to the beings of the Mappo era is revealed in this particular part. 

So who really Jogyo Bodhisattva is? Let’s discuss in our next article about this entity that received the doctrine of Odaimoku from Primordial Buddha for our sake.
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