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Oko, Lecture Meeting

Oko, Lecture Meeting

We hold various memorial services at temples. Similarly members run the services in their houses. The main service is Oko, Lecture Meeting. We invite the priests and local members to our house. We listen to Gohomon, the priest’s Teaching Instructions, pray and do memorial service for our ancestors in the session. 

The Oko activity is an important function of HBS. When Nissen Shonin started it, there were only 5 or 6 followers attended in it. ”Ko” means both prayers and lecture sessions. A group of people gather for the same purpose of memorial services and lectures run by them. In other words, Okois the place where members get together and the priests preach the Teachings of the Lotus Sutrathat guides followers to have the right faith. 

Buddhism was spread by the people gathered around the place where Buddha preached the Teachings. They listened to him and spread it by word. Sometimes they gathered in the temple, other times they met in a follower’s house, under a big tree, on the bank of a river, etc. They gathered wherever he had the Teachings and they looked much up to him. It is written in the LotusSutra that the audience offered something suitable to him and his disciples. Therefore, HBS Okoin parishioner’s house can be the reproduction of the way of Buddha’s Instructions in modern style.

Serving Oko is the same as serving in the temples like our listening to the Teaching Instructions, chanting the Odaimoku, praying, doing memorial services, presenting our own experiences, communicating with other members, etc. So, it is a small version of that of the temple for our practicing.

People attending Oko can learn, improve and enhance the faith for excellent worshipers. The host supplying the Oko-place can accumulate virtues as s/he is pleased to serve it.  

The details of Oko service are as follows:  
1. Offering Gohoumi to the altar by the Odaimoku as much as possible; the family 
can receive the divine protection.  
2. Listening the Teachings of the Lotus Sutra; the participants can have more 
chance to improve their faith.  
3. Receiving the memorial service for the ancestors.  
4. Being pleased to make offers for the priests, the disciples of Nichiren Shonin
on the Teachings and memorial service.  
5. Having chances to get various things prayed.  
6. Having chances to listen to members' experiences through the divine Grace.  
7. Having chances to communicate among members.  
. . . .  
and more advantages that you could have.  

HBS Oko in a parishioner’s house is significantly different in value from general memorial services for the dead.