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Serving the HBS Alter and the Odaimoku Chant in the Evening

Serving the HBS Alter and the Odaimoku Chant in the Evening

We serve the HBS alter and chant the Odaimoku every evening in the same as the morning service. Serving to wish a peaceful day in the morning, we do to express our appreciation in the evening.

We serve the alter a quick dust in the evening too if you have enough time. Afterwards, the first bowl of cooked rice for dinner needs to be offered, then we begin chanting. We gratefully receive the First Water which was served in the morning after chanting. 

The water we offer to the altar is called Okouzui; it is turned out to be the virtuous water by the power of the Lotus Sutra with chanting the Odaimoku. It works for any kind of illness, and many HBS followers receive the Grace of Buddha. It is obvious to the experienced followers.

When we receive our monthly payment, semester grade report, something very delicious, etc, we place them on the alter in the evening to accumulate our virtues. And we always put the Buddha First to do to express our gratitude. 

The evening service with chanting should be done before dinner after working.