About The Name of HBS

  The sect name, Honmon Butsuryu Shu (HBS) was given by Nichiren Shonin. He clearly stated in the following quotes, that the sect based on the true Teachings of the Lotus Sutra should be named as “Butsuryu Shu” (The sect founded by Buddha himself) :

        “Hokke Shu is a sect based on the Teachings of Shakyamuni. . . . . . . .
        . . . . . .therefore, sect based on the Lotus Sutra could be named as either Butsuryu Shu                   
  or Hokke (Lotus Sutra) Shu.”  
                                            - Hokke Shoshin Jobutsu Sho

        “Know this well, Hokke Shu is based on the Teachings of the King of all Sutras.
         Butsuryu Shu is solemnly based on the teachings of Shakymuni.”                                 
                                            - Hokke Shu Naisho Buppo Ketsumyaku
   And Nichiren Shonin also mentioned it in his letter:

        “. . . Hence, Nichiren is not a founder of either a sect or a branch of a sect."                       
-Myo Mitsu Shonin Nyobo Goshosoku

   From this last quotation, we shall conclude that Nichiren never wanted to attribute his name as a founder of any sent or a branch and it is not in his will to establish sects named Nichiren so-and-so. Therefore the name for a sect following Nichiren Shonnin would be either Hokke Shu or Butsuryu Shu as intended by Nichiren himself. Passing hundreds of years, as the chaos and decadence of the sects of Nichiren’s disciples became more prominent, Nissen Shonin worked on reviving and reforming the true Teachings of Nichiren under the name of Honmon Butsuryu Shu. Surprisingly no one has ever used the name "Butsuryu Shu" during this long course of hisotry until Nissen Shonin found it. It can not be a mere coincidence and we consider it was meant to be.

   Nissen Shonin stated it in the following document:

        “Honmon Butsuryu Kou is where [faithfuls] gather to fulfil wish & the will of our forefather, Nichiren, to propagate the Odaimoku entrusted to Jogyo Bodhisattva widely thourgh out the world.”       - Man’nen Eizoku Hanjo Ki

   We HBS followers, take pride and joy in practicing the true Teachings of living Buddha as the name of our sect implies.